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Skandha Bhumi Care Development Ltd.

Welcome to Skandha Bhumi Care Development Limited
We make dreams come true for everyone by making beautiful invesment with us on value added properties.

CIN NO. - U01400UP2013PLC060972 & PAN - AATCS9901N

Skandha Bhumi Care Development Ltd. is a Limited Company and is engaged in the business of dairy farming.

We use World class production techniques to produce clean and hygienic milk products as per food safety norms. From the first step of milk collection to the process of final packaging and delivery to the end consumers, international standards are implemented to produce healthy and nutritional products.

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We are continuously striving for synergy between technology, system, and human resource to provide product and service that meet the quality, performance and pride aspiration of customers. At the end of the day, our vision is about building the nation; and in the process empowering number of cooperative dairy farmers of rural areas socially, politically and economically.


To achieve rural development by reaching out to every farmer in our area of operation, uplifting their efforts and integrating the same with our world class production facility.


- To procure the milk produced in villages by efficient means of logistics and processed to create value, varieties and extended shelf life to suit the needs of ultimate consumers
- Narrowing down the economic gap between the rich and the poor by strong interdependency in the field of milk production and consumption between the rural and urban economies.
- To make ideal communities to live in on the concept of 'One for Everyone'