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Skandha Bhumi Care Development Ltd.

About Skandha Bhumi Care Development Limited
We make dreams come true for everyone by making beautiful invesment with us on value added properties.

CIN NO. - U01400UP2013PLC060972 & PAN - AATCS9901N

Skandha Bhumi Care Development Ltd. is a limited company registered under Company Act 1956(1) in Register of Companies (U.P.). The CIN NO. U01400UP2013PLC060972. and PAN AATCS9901N.

The company was founded on core principles of producing quality milk products from best quality milk, in line with world class technology and infrastructure.

What We Do

Dairy Farming

We produce and market a full range of milk & dairy products including fresh milk, curd, butter-milk, lassi, ice-cream, paneer, table butter, milk powder, flavored milk, UHT milk and dairy whitener. We, at Skandha, are committed to manufacture and supply safe and quality milk and milk products to totally satisfy the requirements of our customers while continuing to improve the returns to our member milk producers.