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Skandha Bhumi Care Development Ltd.

Term & Condition

Term and Condition of Skandha Bhumi Care Development Limited
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CIN NO. - U01400UP2013PLC060972 & PAN - AATCS9901N

1. All terms & conditions will be applied as per plot booking agreement filed up by the customer or narrated to the customer

2. The Management of company reserves the rights to discontinue/change/amend/modify or alter any of the rules/regulations and plans and introduce new payment plan at any time at its sole discretion with or without any notice.

3. The original deeds shall be kept in the safe custody on the trustes(s) appointed for the said purpose and shall be governed by the terms & conditions as laid down including those as specified in Rule Book/Folder as amended from time to time.

4. In case of any dispute, the decision of Chairman/Managing Director of the Company or any other person(s) nominated by him, shall be final and shall have legal binding on Applicant/Buyer who shall have no objection to appointment of any officer(s) of the company as the arbitrator.

5. Cost of plots(s) includes, the cost of land, development charges, other inputs, sapling plants, trees, crops, planting expenses, maintenance and other miscallaneous expenses.

6. Applicant shall make full payment as per the existing plans.

7. Land shall be alloted to the Customer (buyer) in case of instalment Procurement plan after receipt of Half Sum of the consideration amount in a responsable time period which will not exceed 120 days. And in case of single instalment Procurement plan allotment be done with in one year. (Applicable for 5 years & above plans as per agreement)

8. In case of instalment procurement plans if Customer (Buyers) commits breach of agreement by not paying once more instalments till 12 month from the due date, such default shall be treated as breach of contact and refund will be made as per agreement.

9. It has been agreed that the buyer shall give possession of the proposed plot to the company for development, cultivation, plantation, raising & maintaining of trees, saplings, plants, trees, crops and for the marketing of the produce there of during the tenure of the agreement.

10. The company shall have the first charge on the land and produce for the outstanding dues such as development charges and other inputs, saplings, plants, crops, planting expenses, maintenance, service cost, management fees and other apportionable/allocable expenses.

11. To facilitate easy liquidity, the company provides, to buyers the marketing services for sale of developed plots. In case Buyer(s) exercise such option for sale of developed plots be must noticified the company to that effect at least 60 days before the expiry of period of the agreement. The buyer has the option to further sell plot to anybody(less) corporate/unit/person. The sale can be made only at the end of the term opted by the Buyer in accordance with the payment scheme the "estimated realization value at the end of term" of at such price as may be mutually agreed to by the Company from time to time. The sale price of plot is composite price for land, standing crops, sapling plants, trees, excluding those structures attachments, assets, things, whether permanent, semi permanent or temporary in nature which provide common services/ facilities to buyers. All the relevant papers along with duly completed application to buyer for sale of developed plot must be submitted to Head office of the company through the relevant CSC officr of the Centre at least 30 days before the completion of the term of the scheme.

12. Grace period of 30 days is allowed for payment of yearly, half-yearly and quarterly instalments. However, the grace period is only 15 days for payment of monthly instalments.

13. When the instalment is not paid with in the grace period the plot(s) booking/contract stands discontinued but same can be revived at any time within next 12 months on payment of all dues together with a simple interest @ 20% p.a. and for the period of default. However, payment for such revival shall be accepted by Skandha Bhumi Care Development Ltd. only by cash/demand draft.

14. Emergency loan against the plots may be arranged as per the rules of the company.